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Oil & Gas Fabrications

RIM Fabrications Ltd aims to become a major provider of high quality fabrication and welding services to the Oil & Gas Industry, whilst strengthening its position as a leading provider of Structural Steel and erection services to the Construction Industry.

This commitment has been underlined by the creation of a purpose built workshop for welding Topside and Subsea Structural Fabrications and Pipe spools, with a dedicated “clean area” for Exotic Material Welding.

RIM Fabrications Ltd offers a range of specialist services including:

Topside Subsea Welding
  • Comprehensive suite of in-house Welding Procedure Specifications

  • Fabrication & Welding of Topside and Subsea Structural Fabrications

  • Pipework Fabrication

  • ML-CAD Laser Survey

  • Plate Processing / Profiles

  • Drilling, Punching and Cutting Lines

  • Plate Rolling


Exotic Material Welding Oil IndustryRIM Fabrications Ltd offers a growing suite of piping weld procedure specifications enabling us to operate in our carbon and exotic pipework facilities.  Our dedicated pipework team offers clients a comprehensive range of pipe diameters, wall thicknesses and material grades.

Dimensional accuracy is controlled through the use of ML-CAD Laser Survey; this system provides precise flange face rotation, bolt-hole orientations and overall spool dimensions.

RIM Fabrication is working towards accreditation to the Pressure Equipment Regulation Modules D & D1, which will further assure clients that our Quality Management System meets regulations.


RIM Fabrications Ltd skilled team offers accurate fabrication and welding of Topside and Subsea Structural Fabrications adhering to client material specifications and industry specifications such as NORSOK M101, EEMUA 158, AWS D1.1 and ASME IX.  Our team works to deliver client projects within the committed timeframe agreed, to safety standards and within our Quality Management System Procedures.

Plate Processing and Profiling Oil Gad RIM Structural FabricationsPLATE PROCESSING AND PROFILING

RIM Fabrications Ltd has a dedicated plate processing and profiling facility on site, providing a full range of fabrication services such as profiling, rolling, cutting and folding.